getting there.

20 04 2012


We’ve been busy.  Really really busy.  Storing up nuts for winter busy.  Making hay while the sun shines busy.  Busy as bees.  Busy as beavers.  So busy that we literally fall asleep before we hit the sheets. 

[You get the idea.]

But!  We have something to show for it. 

Floors you can walk on without needing shoes. [Actually, now we’re not supposed to wear shoes!  I can’t keep up sometimes…]


…and the fancy tool that installs them.  It also comes with a matching mallet.


A kitchen with countertops AND functional appliances… that is a pleasure to cook in.

Imageinduction cooktop + R2D2-like vent hood

Imagefridge + wall oven + paint color!


Not one, but TWO usable bathrooms… showers and all.




And now with carpet! [those poles to the left are basically what’s holding the house up, so they’ll get wrapped in some decorative trim to be disguised as a pillar.] Image

A driveway-less yard. [Well, that’s still kind of mess.  It’s hard to keep the house clean when 2/3 of your front yard and 7/8 of your back yard are dirt/mud, depending on the weather.]


You know the guys were fighting over who got to drive this bad boy. ImageImage

Along with the requisite dump-truck-full-o-dirt to fill in the space… would you believe this was not enough?!


More room-by-room updates coming… and obviously the “after” pictures of our heinous yard, as soon as we actually get the work done.

Better get back to busy-ness.




One response

24 04 2012

Looking good! 🙂 But wowza are you all doing a lot of work at once. Sometimes I think about painting our bedroom but it seems like too much work. I can not fathom having the energy and confidence you guys have 🙂

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