10 02 2012

Things are moving quickly around here… we’ve already upgraded to a functional shower AND a sink and toilet in the same room!  With doors!  It’s getting pretty luxurious, really.

with an added dishwashing bonus feature!

And not only is the shower functional, it’s freaking GORGEOUS.

with frameless shower door... just a little light on the privacy. 😉

plus side panel. FAN-CY.

And the hammer-wielding elves have been hard at work getting the basement framed and ready for electrical and drywall… but not before they broke out the big-boy toys to dig out the egress window box!

Tonka Trucks for grown-ups, amiright?

the fruits of their labor.

look at that view!

But just as one thing gets better, another gets worse, right?  Because of all the work going on downstairs, all non-essential items that we didn’t want covered in dust (too late!) or paint had to come upstairs.  For a normally particular-about-where-things-go-neat-freak, it sort of feels like living in an episode of Hoarders…

trying to keep out the drywall/paint dust.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B.

Oh hello, cello-that-is-more-for-decoration-than-playing. You're kind of in the way.

But! All is not lost.  I am learning to be flexible (and to step lightly in the middle of the night so as not to stub my toe(s) AGAIN).  And as always, this phase of madness is temporary… new wood floors are being installed downstairs, and once that’s done, it will be time to move all of our junk back down.  (My favorite!)

In the meantime, if I squint my eyes just a little, I can almost imagine what the master bathroom will look like:

I mean really squint.





6 responses

10 02 2012

Awwwwwwwwwwesome! 🙂 The shower looks amazing!

10 02 2012
Eric Jensen

When I tell you the Lord has blessed me with an incredible wife I really mean it, and I don’t have to squint at all!

11 02 2012
Janice R. Carter

Awww, Eric, I love you and miss you and your beautiful bride so much!! Can’t wait for spring break when we plan on heading to the Indy area to not only see you but to see this work of art on Park Avenue : )

4 11 2012

Where did you get the tile for your shower floor? I love the radial pattern! We are about to remodel our bathroom and that would be so perfect.

5 11 2012

My husband custom cut the pieces from large 18×18″ travertine tiles. The tile itself is available at Home Depot.

5 11 2012

That’s INSANE. Wow. Strong work, Eric!

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