rubber, meet road.

7 02 2012

[coming to you from an undisclosed satellite location… but I’ll give you a hint:  I’m drinking a cup of Earl Grey de la Creme and I didn’t make it myself.]

We’re trucking along at nearly-warp speed, and as we go, things are getting crazier and crazier around here.

Do you know what’s freakier than dust boogers?  PAINT boogers.  No joke… I blew my nose this morning and actual paint chips flew out.  Oh, was that TMI?  Well, welcome to Park Ave… where we keep it real.

How real, you ask?

1.  We have one toilet.  It’s in the new first-floor bathroom, which does not yet have doors.  I told Eric we’ll have to yell “fire in the hole!” before either one of us goes in there as a warning.

2.  We have one sink.  The kitchen sink.  I’m waiting for the day our neighbor Tom walks out onto his back deck and looks over at me brushing my teeth.

3.  We have no shower.  We have a half-constructed Jensen Tile masterpiece-in-the-making (it’s SERIOUSLY beautiful), but it’s on a temporary hold until the rest of the first floor and basement walls get wired and framed in time for the drywallers to come tomorrow. (!)

In the meantime… hel-lo Jordan YMCA! 😉

4.  To get to this place, the original bathroom was torn out, soon to become part of a bedroom/closet (plus, that ivy wallpaper swatch HAD to go).

goodbye, old friend...In the process, we found a window hiding behind the shower!

In the process, we found a window hiding behind the shower!  I was hoping for a million or so in small, unmarked bills, but I guess we’ll take what we can get.

5.  In the stretch of nice weather we had last week, Eric, Branden (of the Ohio branch of Jensen Tile 😉 ), and company produced a rebuilt deck AND a new fence.  Like, in TWO DAYS.  Unfortunately the big rickety gate (and the dogs’ primary mode of escape) has to stay until the driveway gets torn out, but 95% new ain’t too shabby!  In the meantime, I’m gunning for an old-fence-burning party…

”]… but I think the neighbors (and the fire department) might object.




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