…and into overdrive.

7 01 2012

Yes, we’re still here.  Yes, we’ve been hard at work… at just about everything but blogging.  Sound familiar?  Perhaps I’ve made a resolution to be more consistent, or perhaps I’m simply feeling guilty about not following through with my commitment to document the ins and outs of this house’s rebirth.  Either way, it’s time to get back to business around here.  Especially because we now have an April 1 deadline!


Rather than trying to make up for months(!) of backlogged house progress (and because most of the people who read this blog have actually seen the house lately, methinks), we’re going to take a giant leap forward in time to the present day.  So, strap in:

Looking fancy, no?  Porch rebuilt, brick level raised and evened out, second story trimmed and sided!  Still need to replace the doors and paint their frames.  Oh, and move the lumber pile off the porch.  And some landscaping… unless that tarp counts. 😉

Chimney repaired and extended to a height appropriate for the new roof.  Still need to acid-wash the mortar on some of the new bricks, replace windows, and paint window trim.

Front porch detail; still need electrical box and light fixture installation before the top ridge can be closed up and painted.

Front door overhang detail; still waiting for new door, light fixture, and trim.

Scaffolded up to the heavens (none for me, thanks!), and putting the finishing touches on the new trim.  Actually, I believe I hear Eric taking down the scaffolding out back at this very moment…hooray!  So thankful for a string of 50-degree days in January.

There, that’s better.  Don’t look down, though… the scaffolding has not been kind to the deck or the yard.  Or maybe that was the dogs…  Either way, they’re on the list!

Until next time… when you get to see the inside.  🙂




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