filling the space.

29 07 2011

Once we were roofed and insulated, it was time to build the interior walls.  So far, my favorite parts of this project have been when a big aspect falls into place (shocker, I know… but it really does help me to visualize what things are going to look like when they’re finished!).  Putting up walls really started to make the second story come alive, rather than just a big idea.


YOWZA.  That’s the master bedroom, people!  Love that high ceiling.

The area to the left of the doorway [where the sheet of plywood is standing up] is the home of my new WALK-IN CLOSET!!!!

The nursery/office [sorry for the awkward angle.  As you already know, I’m not a big fan of ladders… and that orange one was the only way up or down.]

And the linen storage/laundry closet.  Hip-hip-HOORAY for laundry that’s not in the basement! [But at the moment it’s still in the basement.  Of course.]

The walls really made a HUGE difference.   Adding the bones to the second floor has created the illusion of walls, with all the benefits of, you know, throwing stuff up to Eric while he’s sitting at his desk in the “office.”  It’s the little things in life… 😉




One response

3 08 2011
Jason Peabody

This is totally mind blowing amazing!! But I would of so built a house!!! I aint in construction either. Very neat work! Was cool to be inside there today, had no idea whatsoever it was like that prior!

And Thanks for the dessert! So good along with them Chops:)

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