Last Friday, 8:44 AM.

15 07 2011

Phone dings; a text from Eric: “can you call?”

Picks up the phone, dials.

“Can I buy a motorcycle?”

thinks to self, um, what?!?!

“It’s just like my other one!”

[mental image: his childhood motorcycle, now leaning against our garage, wheels and engine locked up.]

“Do the wheels turn on this one?”

“Yeah, it runs, and the guy only wants $150 for it!  Seriously, we were sitting at a stoplight and I saw it in the back of his truck a few cars ahead of us.  So I got out and ran up there and asked him if it was for sale!”

“Does this mean we can get rid of the other hunkajunk?”

“No, don’t you see?  We’ll have a matching pair! This one is totally your size.”

“Ooooh, way to butter me up…”

“So can I?!”

“Sure, whatever, go ahead…”  *facepalm*



And that’s how we ended up with this bad boy:

[he threw in the giant dog ears for free.  Can you spot them? 😉 ]




2 responses

16 07 2011
Eric Jensen

I mean come on, it was meant to be, right? besides I was looking for another project to keep me busy, hahaha!!!

30 08 2011

Oh my word. I am laughing out loud in the library. This is great! Can’t wait to see you two tromping around Broad Ripple in these bad boys. 🙂

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