there, and back again.

8 07 2011



We’re back from the darkness.  From radio silence. From nearly 6 MONTHS of non-blogging.  And for that I apologize….

and I bring you lolcatz.



[sorry. sloth, not cat…couldn’t help myself.  especially since this is how I feel when we’re working on house projects sometimes.  and, come on!  adorable sloth!]

Moving on.

So, we’re married!  And now that the mass pandemonium has passed [for the most part, anyway], it’s time to get back to business and get snap-crackle-poppin’ on this house… and get you folks caught up!

So, where were we? Oh yes… the roof.  While we were celebrating the other newly-married Jensens’ big day [and my birthday], our house was getting papered and shingled up top.  Once we got back, the big push became getting cross-ties hung [large beams that support the peak of the roof by creating a triangle like so:

rafters + crossties

Oh hai, meester kanstructshun man!  Oops, yure on da fone.  I sowwy.

[too much?  not funny? cuter than a cat?  less cute than a sloth?  you tell me.]

So yes.  Crossties. They keep the roof from caving in–which Eric calls “splay,” in case you were looking to learn a new vocabulary word today.  You’re welcome!

Our next goal was to get some insulation into this bad boy…as much as I like the exposed-rafters-n-beams look, I don’t like freezing my patoots off while paying $500 a month to the electric company–despite the fact that the house never really got above 60 degrees all winter.  True confessions.

[Actually, we had bills that high even once we did have insulation… but that’s another story.]

Johns Manville FTW!

new walls! insulation! and a bag of trash?! who knows...

Look, someone had to do it.  Good help is hard to find these days… and sometimes I get tired of being the grunt/#1 best construction helper EVAH. 
So anyway… we’re BAAAAAAACKKK!



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