filling the space.

29 07 2011

Once we were roofed and insulated, it was time to build the interior walls.  So far, my favorite parts of this project have been when a big aspect falls into place (shocker, I know… but it really does help me to visualize what things are going to look like when they’re finished!).  Putting up walls really started to make the second story come alive, rather than just a big idea.


YOWZA.  That’s the master bedroom, people!  Love that high ceiling.

The area to the left of the doorway [where the sheet of plywood is standing up] is the home of my new WALK-IN CLOSET!!!!

The nursery/office [sorry for the awkward angle.  As you already know, I’m not a big fan of ladders… and that orange one was the only way up or down.]

And the linen storage/laundry closet.  Hip-hip-HOORAY for laundry that’s not in the basement! [But at the moment it’s still in the basement.  Of course.]

The walls really made a HUGE difference.   Adding the bones to the second floor has created the illusion of walls, with all the benefits of, you know, throwing stuff up to Eric while he’s sitting at his desk in the “office.”  It’s the little things in life… 😉


Last Friday, 8:44 AM.

15 07 2011

Phone dings; a text from Eric: “can you call?”

Picks up the phone, dials.

“Can I buy a motorcycle?”

thinks to self, um, what?!?!

“It’s just like my other one!”

[mental image: his childhood motorcycle, now leaning against our garage, wheels and engine locked up.]

“Do the wheels turn on this one?”

“Yeah, it runs, and the guy only wants $150 for it!  Seriously, we were sitting at a stoplight and I saw it in the back of his truck a few cars ahead of us.  So I got out and ran up there and asked him if it was for sale!”

“Does this mean we can get rid of the other hunkajunk?”

“No, don’t you see?  We’ll have a matching pair! This one is totally your size.”

“Ooooh, way to butter me up…”

“So can I?!”

“Sure, whatever, go ahead…”  *facepalm*



And that’s how we ended up with this bad boy:

[he threw in the giant dog ears for free.  Can you spot them? 😉 ]

there, and back again.

8 07 2011



We’re back from the darkness.  From radio silence. From nearly 6 MONTHS of non-blogging.  And for that I apologize….

and I bring you lolcatz.



[sorry. sloth, not cat…couldn’t help myself.  especially since this is how I feel when we’re working on house projects sometimes.  and, come on!  adorable sloth!]

Moving on.

So, we’re married!  And now that the mass pandemonium has passed [for the most part, anyway], it’s time to get back to business and get snap-crackle-poppin’ on this house… and get you folks caught up!

So, where were we? Oh yes… the roof.  While we were celebrating the other newly-married Jensens’ big day [and my birthday], our house was getting papered and shingled up top.  Once we got back, the big push became getting cross-ties hung [large beams that support the peak of the roof by creating a triangle like so:

rafters + crossties

Oh hai, meester kanstructshun man!  Oops, yure on da fone.  I sowwy.

[too much?  not funny? cuter than a cat?  less cute than a sloth?  you tell me.]

So yes.  Crossties. They keep the roof from caving in–which Eric calls “splay,” in case you were looking to learn a new vocabulary word today.  You’re welcome!

Our next goal was to get some insulation into this bad boy…as much as I like the exposed-rafters-n-beams look, I don’t like freezing my patoots off while paying $500 a month to the electric company–despite the fact that the house never really got above 60 degrees all winter.  True confessions.

[Actually, we had bills that high even once we did have insulation… but that’s another story.]

Johns Manville FTW!

new walls! insulation! and a bag of trash?! who knows...

Look, someone had to do it.  Good help is hard to find these days… and sometimes I get tired of being the grunt/#1 best construction helper EVAH. 
So anyway… we’re BAAAAAAACKKK!