and then it rained.

18 01 2011

So now we have rafters.  No one fell to their death from 20 feet, and I managed to avoid having a panic attack by going home and burying my head in the sand… I mean, pillows on my bed.  The next morning, the house was still standing, the sun was shining… and it was time for DECKBOARDS!


I love all of the light shining in… too bad it couldn’t stay like that!

While I like the tree-fort feel with the sun streaming in… we were racing against the clock and the calendar to get an actual roof on before the weather got bad.

And it did.  Get bad.

[Disclaimer:  there are no pictures of this part] I was working a double the day that Eric and his friend Eric and his employee Eric [hilarious, I know] were laying deckboards–sheets of plywood nailed to the rafters that create a base for the tar paper and shingles to be fastened to.  We had dodged the nasty weather bullet for almost a week, but we knew the rain was for sure coming that day, and they were trying to balance hustle with safety–it takes a lot of balance and awareness to move around on a roof that’s only rafters, hauling up 40-lb pieces of plywood through a 16-inch opening without plummeting to your death… let alone when the boards are slippery and wet!

Anyway, the guys got done what they could [which ended up being around 2/3 or so of the house, front to back], and once the rain started they called it quits and pulled plastic over the open area in the kitchen.  They were counting on the new subfloor to keep the rest of the house dry… but, no such luck.  The rain started coming in through the cracks between the boards, soaking everything.  Eric found enough plastic to cover up his TV and stereo equipment, and called it a night.  He put the dogs in the garage, grabbed a clean set of clothes and headed for shelter at a friend’s a couple of blocks over.

And the next morning, came home to a flat tire on the van.  So, we inflated it with Eric’s compressor and hurried on over to Wal-Mart, apparently the ONLY place on a Sunday morning to get a tire fixed.  After an hour there [and being yet again reminded why I HATE that place], it was back to the house to assess the damage by the light of day.

It was hard to walk in and see everything soaked and dripping wet, but the sun was out again.  So, we dragged the mattresses and couch cushions out onto the deck to dry, threw a load of wet stuff in the washer, and got back to work… and by the end of the day, the house was decked and all was back to normal.

Let’s just say Eric wasn’t exactly looking forward to having to paper and shingle the whole thing in the three-day window we had before leaving for Ohio for his brother Garrett’s wedding.  Luckily, the phone rang out of the blue the next day: another contractor from church had some tile work he needed to have done… so Eric and his guys did the tile while Jesse and his guys did the roof!  WIN-WIN-WIN!

After all of that, we finally took a giant deep breath, heaved a sigh of relief, and got the heck out of Dodge.  I mean, packed up and headed to Ohio.




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