Plan B.

24 10 2010

Up until this point, you could say that all of the things we’ve done to the house have been in preparation for a much bigger project… that project being the addition of a second story onto the existing house.  Our grand plan was to start the second story on a weekend when we had a few extra sets of capable, skilled hands [read: not mine] in order to get a lot of work done in a short period of time.  Of course, with all things [especially remodeling!] the details don’t always fit nicely into your time frame.  We learned this the hard way while trying to get our building permit.  [Apparently they want to know certain obscure details like whether or not your existing foundation can indeed support additional weight… who knew?!]  So, despite being a little disappointed to not walk out with permits in hand, we bucked up and went home to dig a hole in the basement.


Yes, a hole.  In the basement.  The basement that has a concrete slab floor.  When the guy told us that we could either dig a hole ourselves to find the footer [the foundation of the house] or hire a structural engineer to come out, inspect, and write a certified letter stating his opinion of the integrity of the foundation, my first thought was, “engineer, of course!”  Eric’s first thought, however, was SLEDGEHAMMER.

Apparently you can make quick work of such a floor with only a sledgehammer and a shovel.  But seriously, don’t try this at home.

The good news is we found the footer.  The better news is that it’s big enough to add onto the house.  But, just to play it safe [and to make sure we don’t get turned down for our permit again], we did have an engineer come out and take a look.  Better safe than sorry, I guess…


So, owing to our lack of a permit [we’ll get it eventually, don’t worry], we had to go with Plan B, which was to do some more prep work from the inside so that when the time comes to actually take the roof off, the floor system and the walls for the upstairs will already be built…we’ll just need to put all the pieces together and then put a roof back on!

I’d like to take a moment to personally thank everyone [Eric, Eric, Brandon, Brian, and my stepdad Jeff] who went up in the attic to shovel/scoop/vacuum out the loose insulation so that yours truly did not have to face any fears of heights, ladders, or trying to balance on a 2-inch-wide rafter or risk falling through the ceiling.  Because it was a LOT of hot, dirty, dusty work.



That is LITERALLY dust flying in the picture above.  Aaaaaa-CHOOO!

look at all that crap...

I think the neighbors are glad we have a fence.  Sorry, neighbors!  [I think we apologize at least once a week.]


After the 432483248930240th bag of insulation was sucked/shoveled/scooped and tossed outside, the fun part began… the DEMO.  We figured if we couldn’t go top-down, we’d go bottom-up!

Step 1: pull down all of the yucky fake ceiling tiles.

Step 2: demolish plaster ceilings.

Step 3: remove lathe from plaster debris.

Step 4:  add lathe to ever-growing burn pile in backyard.  Marion County, you can lift that open-fire ban anytime, thanks.

keepin' it safe, don't worry.

[and the dust continues to fly…]

I’ll tell you what, tearing out the ceilings and removing the insulation from the entire house certainly gives it a more open feel.  [I know, that’s kind of a “duh.”]  Then we decided that while the house was a mess and the furniture was on the front lawn, why not tear down a couple of walls while we’re at it?  Because that’s how we do things around here.

a little sledgehammer therapy? don't mind if I do!

The two little walls that made up the dining room doorway… gone.  The wall between the dining room and the kitchen… gone [which also means several kitchen cabinets went with it.]

The end result, however?  Waayyyyyyyyy better flow from one room to another.

Tell me that doesn’t just about blow your mind.








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26 10 2010

Mind blown!

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