safety first!

18 10 2010

I would like to take the opportunity to highlight a few of the ways that we live life on the edge here on Park Avenue.  Those of you who have been a part of any sort of remodel undoubtedly know that there are times when you’re just forced to live with certain things in their temporary state for a period of time; maybe you don’t have time to finish, maybe you’re waiting for the fertilizer on the money-tree to kick in, or maybe you’ve set a date to start a particular chunk of the project and so you’re sitting around waiting for that day to come.  We have encountered at least one of each of these types of situations, and as they start to accumulate, it gets a bit comical. So, don’t go calling OSHA on us, but I’d like to give you a glimpse of a few of our “safer”solutions.

A byproduct of our first project (french door installation):  the 4-foot dropoff to the patio below…

Not the best angle, but we’re keeping a 5-foot ladder outside the door just in case you didn’t bring your Go-Go-Gadget legs with you. Heckling dog comes at no charge. (Or maybe he just likes having his picture taken… haven’t figured that one out yet.)


After we tore out the wall that the fridge and stove were sitting on, it became obvious that the outlets they were plugged into were also, well… gone.  Solution?

We’ll just run an extension cord up from the basement, of course!  Of note, that 2 in x 4 in hole was our only “basement access” for a couple of weeks after we added sub-floor where the old basement stairs had been.  Not gettin’ too much laundry done that way, that’s for sure…


Also, when you take out walls that have electrical boxes in them, you probably need to make sure the boxes stay so that you know, have power and stuff in that room.

But with no wall to stabilize them, they kind of swing around like jungle vines.  So we just used the protruding nails/screws to hook them together.

Painters’ tape holds things up quite nicely, as well.  You know, because it’s, um, super sticky.


We keep things pretty safe outside, too…we’ve only lit the lawn on fire once!  Well, maybe twice.

We may be the reason Marion County enacted their open-fire ban.  Just a thought.

When Eric finally got tired of not having any clean laundry, he decided it was time to create a new point of entry into the basement.

But this is about as far as we got.  In continuing with our trend of replacing stairs with ladders, Eric put an 8-footer against that wall.  But it’s about 9-10 feet down, so there’s a bit of acrobatic maneuvering involved in actually getting down into the basement.  It took me the better part of two weeks to get up the courage to attempt it, but the AT&T repairman didn’t seem to mind having to climb down to fix my internet hookup!  We put a couple of chairs over the hole keep people (and dogs) from falling in. Don’t worry, someone would have warned you before you tried to sit in one… hopefully.  Houseguests, fair warning: you’d better bring a hard hat and a flashlight (for those midnight bathroom runs).  And maybe a sleeping bag… because the extra sheets are covering the sliding glass door in the living room.





3 responses

18 10 2010

Hilarious and all too common. Thanks for the fun window into your world. Be safe!

18 10 2010
Eric A

That first step is a doozie!

18 10 2010
eric jensen

Hahaha!!! It is totally entertaining to hear my fiance’s point of view. it is so true though, we make amazing adaptations to accomodate our remodel. the amazing thing is the deeper we get the better it seems. Much patience is involved in this quest for completion. Nice work Sugs, way to keep it on the up and up. Happy one year too!!!

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