treasure hunting.

11 10 2010

Yesterday we headed out in search of some architecturally-appropriate [and cost-appopriate, read: CHEAP] pieces for the house.  The plan was to poke around at a couple of different salvage places in town, specifically to find a couple of windows for the second story.  I soon found out that these places change names, owners, and locations rather frequently… much like the reclaimed items they sell!  Some are open at odd hours, some are only open on the weekends, some literally change locations throughout the week.  Sounds like a treasure hunt, right?

We hit the jackpot on our first [and only!] stop:  a tinker’s market set up in an old warehouse near downtown…at least that’s what the sign said it was, anyway.  We found the windows we were looking for, and the guy told us that he would throw in the lead paint for free… yesssssss.

But the real jackpot was sitting right across the way: two beautiful gumwood leaded-glass French doors!

treasure! although it wasn't exactly buried...

There are a couple of broken panes that need replacing, but they were a STEAL.

the money shot... original hardware and everything.

The funny part of this escapade came into play when we realized we needed to take these doors with us.  And they’re 7 feet tall.  And there are two of them.  And they were closing up for the day, so we didn’t have time to run back home and trade my car for Eric’s work van.  Thank goodness Honda makes their backseats fold completely down, and the opening was juuuuust wide enough, but they were still going to hang out the back of the trunk a little bit.  We also didn’t want them to rub together, but of course yours truly had just removed the bag of blankets, jumper cables, and other vital emergency gear (like a frisbee!) from the trunk a couple of days before.  We had to make do with two yoga mats and a handful of reusable grocery bags, but there was still some serious clanking going on back there.  I don’t think I drove over 25 MPH the whole way home for fear of rattling something loose [and we still hit more than a few bumps in the road], but we made it home safe and sound… and treasure intact.




2 responses

11 10 2010
Sue Cherry

Hi! Enjoy watching the progress on your house and all the “fun” you’re having working on it and picking out things you’ll need for the make all the changes.
Sounds like it will be real nice when finished. Keep up the good work.

Love ya!

Grandma for Grandpa too

11 10 2010
Eric A

Love the cool find sis!

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