we put the “labor” in Labor Day.

16 09 2010

After a week or so of Eric getting settled (and getting the shop organized to his liking), we decided to spend Labor Day weekend, well… laboring.  Lots of overgrown branches and vines were chopped, hauled, and burned.  Two giant granite boulders were discovered.  Well, we knew about one–right next to the deck–but the other one was a bit of a surprise, and is slightly more inconvenient… let’s just say there won’t be a new dog kennel until that thing is gone.  So, if you know someone in the market for a boulder (or two), I give you good price.  😉

dinosaur poop?

dino poop #2, tainter of perfectly good dog kennel space.

also, they’re bigger than they look in these pictures, lest you think I’m exaggerating or something.  I would never do that.

look at the mess we made! (mostly Eric)


We took a brief break on Sunday to travel up to Ft. Wayne to celebrate the dedication of my nephew…first-cousin-once-removed…cousin Kendra’s baby…something-or-other Jackson!  But Monday it was back to the grind… and oh, did we labor.  Labor we did.

As previously mentioned, in order to exit the kitchen via the back of the house, one would have to take 3 steps down, turn right (wait, no!  turning right leads to the doomy gloomy basement.  back up)… turn LEFT, and walk out a yucky metal door, and up three more steps onto the deck:

exhibit A


exhibit C

So, rather than make this annoying down-up-up-down journey every time we want to go in or out, we just decided to knock out the wall and be done with it.  Seriously.  Oh, and put in French doors.  So you can see out to the deck and stuff.  Simple, doable-in-a-day project, right?

Stay tuned…




One response

16 09 2010
Eric A

Don’t let mom see those boulders, she is gonna come down there and steal them, hahaha, not that you would mind… Have they been dug out yet, or are they still buried? They might be even bigger underground…

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