The adventure begins…

14 09 2010

Hello world!

Eric and I closed on our first house on August 27, a little over two weeks ago.  We’re thrilled with the place so far, and hopeful that this house is going to be a launching point into a pattern of house-flipping.  We’re doing the entire project ourselves, save for a few skilled trades that Eric doesn’t do (electrical, HVAC), so it’s going to be an adventure!

For the record, our new address is:

6483 N Park Ave  Indianapolis, IN  46220

Care packages, visitors, and… heck, why not… gawkers welcome…  it’s going to be a transformation! {Which reminds me, we should probably warn the neighbors.}

Anyway, on to the good stuff.


front before

a classic "before" shot... take a good look, people.

We spent the weekend after we closed packing up Eric’s old place (including a shop full of tools and materials that seemed like they were coming out of a clown car:  from a small, one-car garage into a spacious, 2+car super-deep, with a separate smaller room garage–>  unheard of in Broad Ripple, by the way.  It’s one of the main reasons we bought this place!  I busied myself cleaning the house from top to bottom before any moving happened, and made sure to take plenty of BEFORE pictures, for your viewing pleasure:

garage before

Eric's new tool palace

There are far too many pictures to post, so I’ll leave you with a few of my favorites, some of the “special bonus treats” our lovely house came with!

bedroom 1 detail

oh look a closet and a mini-cubby-thing! to hold the plumbing! or something...

Don’t worry, the cover is laying on the floor.  And it blends right in when it’s in its proper place *dripping sarcasm*.

And when I went to look in my seemingly spacious extra closet, what did I find?

"closet" detail

no way! a space to store my very own outlet?! you're too kind.

{this is the kind of stuff we’re finding all over this place, people…}

and, last but certainly not least, a whole host of guests who threw us a surprise housewarming party!  except I think we took longer than they thought to move in…

{just kidding.  I thought I had a picture.  It would be better with a picture, but I’ll tell you anyway… there were like 432439204324903243 dead ants on the kitchen counter.  Guh-ross.}

my weapons of mass destruction... i mean, cleaning.

That’s probably enough for now… gotta keep you coming back for more!




5 responses

14 09 2010
Eric A

I love the new house so far. Its going to be really cool when it is all finished. Beth and I need to come down sometime to see it. If Eric needs help with the landscaping, I’m definitely avaliable. I;m sure its going to be a while till you get to that tho… hahaha. I love you sis. I’ll keep up with this project.

15 09 2010

I love your work gloves, with the ruffles and bows ; ) Does Eric have a matching pair?

15 09 2010

Ok, I have those gloves….love em! Did the Vera Bradley bag come with the house? Maybe there is a “special closet” for it to be hung in!!!

16 09 2010
eric jensen

wow B, that place is in serious need of some remodeling! i can get you in touch with some pretty good contractors if you like, haha. nice blog B, you’re the best!

24 09 2010

I’m a bit envious. I’ve always wanted a closet to hold my very own outlet. Guess I’ll just have to make due with my trusty extension cord.

Thanks for brunch a couple of weeks ago. It was lovely getting to finally meet you both after I’d heard so much about you.

Until Next Time~


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